Castletownbere Fishing Port

All our Fresh  Fish is landed at the nearby Castletownbere Fishing Port

Castletownbere Fishery Harbour:

Castletownbere Fishery Harbour is owned and managed by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.  It controls a sheltered area of water in Bantry Bay, from Ardnakinna Pt. Fl.(2) WR 10s, in the west to Roancarrigmore, Fl.WR 3s, in the east, and bounded by Bear Island to the south and the Mainland to the north.


Latitude 51deg 38.80N Longitude 09deg 54.45W


The main approach to the harbour is from the west past Ardnakinna Pt. On the sector light situated on Dinish Island, Dir.Oc.WRG 5s. and then on the leading lights Occulting W.3s passing the two beacons at the harbour entrance, Q.G & Q.R  The green beacon was removed during the dredging operation but will be replaced later this year.

Eastern approach is between Roancarrigmore Fl.WR. 3s and Carrigavaddra Beacon and up through Bearhaven to the Walter Scott Sth. Cardinal buoy Q(6)+LFl.15s which takes you on to the harbour leading lights.

Once inside the harbour it is divided into two halves, on the Dinish side there is 210 M. of berthage with the ice plant situated at the west end, on the town side there is 350 M. of berthage.