15th of August Kenmare


oldmarket“Fair day in Kenmare”


The 15th of August has been a long term tradition in the town of Néidin, in English Kenmare. The fair dates back to the 1760’s. This fair originally consisted of two market days, August 15th for the sale of cattle and other livestock while August 16th was for the sale or materials and non-livestock items. Over the years and with the introduction of taxation on the sale of livestock the market days began to merge into one large fair day. The tradition of a market day in Kenmare remains to this very day with the new addition of tools, food, fortune tellers and much more. It is the perfect setting to witness old and new joining together in harmony.


This event is one of the highlights in Kenmare’s diary, it is a unique experience that everybody should enjoy at least once Kenmare town will be full of people and the atmosphere will be unlike anything else. Kenmare has one of the few remaining authentic fairs and people flock from far and near o buy & sell all kinds of everything. Market stalls will line the street and Kenmare will be like you’ve never seen it before. It truly is an experience not to be missed!


As Kenmare will be so busy it is suggested that you make your Accommodation and dinner reservations in advance of the day! If you are visiting for the fair day have a look at our accommodation and dining options.

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