Is Kenmare the top tourist town of Kerry?

This is an age-old debate and we’re obviously biased here at No. 35 Restaurant but we’ve always believed that Kenmare is in fact the top tourist town in Co. Kerry despite what the neighbours in Killarney, Tralee and Dingle say!

And some video evidence has been unearthed from YouTube in which renowned tourism expert Rick Steves states why he likes Kenmare the best of all of the towns in Co. Kerry:

The eternal beauty of the Irish landscape is most breath-taking with a sweep around the Ring of Kerry. And a great jumping-off point for this tour is Kenmare, with its cozy feel and close proximity to the peninsula. “

…before then taking us on a whistle-stop tour of the county which showcases the sheer beauty of all of Kerry!

So what do you think? Yep, we know that you already think Kenmare is best town in all of Co. Kerry & let’s face it, the best in all of Ireland too!

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