September Events in Kerry Feature – Killarney Women’s Mini Marathon

Killarney Women’s Mini Marathon will take place on Saturday 19th September this year. The route takes in the streets of Killarney town and the scenic Killarney National Park.


Killarney Women's Mini Marathon

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Please note that there are no registrations on the day. This is a strictly pre-registered event and you can choose to partake in a 5km or 10km event – either of which will be filled with fun, colour and even more fun!

The brilliant thing about this event that we absolutely love is that while the naming convention is very clearly “Women’s”, the crafty organisers have worked out a way of attracting male participants by insisting that they are welcome to take part but with one condition – just a small bit of dressing up is required, take a look at the below promotional shot of Killarney Women’s Mini Marathon to see exactly what we mean!


Killarney Women's Mini Marathon - Are You Man Enough?

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Registration for the Killarney Women’s Mini Marathon can be done in either of two ways. You can register online or else send a completed postal entry form, find out everything you need to know about registering for this fun-filled event here:

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